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Taito / Square Enix - Hatsune Miku Spiritale 1/7 Scale Figure - Hatsune Miku ~39's Special Day~

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P/O CLOSING DATE:2023/04/24



The gorgeous Hatsune Miku wearing a crown drawn by iXima, who has worked on many related illustrations, including the Hatsune Miku package art, has been turned into a figure.  The fine details and the sense of volume are a masterpiece. It is a gorgeous workmanship suitable for souvenirs.

The strong gaze and closed mouth are impressive. Finished to make you want to stare at it forever. You can enjoy supple and voluminous hair modeling with gradation coloring and natural flow along gravity. Each small item is carefully shaped and colored down to the smallest parts. It is a perfect outfit for Hatsune Miku, who is loved all over the world and celebrated on "3 (Mi) 9 (Ku) Day".

In particular, the boots have a gradation and transparent color scheme that reproduces the "boot-likeness" of the feet and the "tights-like texture" of the thighs, giving you a sense of commitment. The "first snow grass" growing from the pedestal has also been beautifully reproduced. Another highlight is the luxurious throne decorated with a lion. The fine patterns and tacks on the backrest are carefully expressed without cutting corners. The cloak she wears has a presence that spreads to her feet, and the gradation coloring and natural wrinkles give it a solid and voluminous feel. The fur texture and black feathers are also reproduced.


Smooth Skin Processing
Spiritale figures has special method "smooth skin processing" which is used to make the skin area of the figure feel smooth to the touch.
It feels great if you touch it and also looks wonderful. Overall it achieves an impression of ever greater beauty and feeling of reality to the figure.


Est. Product Size
H 240mm x W 220mm x D 220mm (including pedestal)

Copyright: Art by iXima © Crypton Future Media, INC. www.piapro.net