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Infinity Studio League of Legends Infinity Studio×League of Legends The Lady of Luminosity - Lux 3D Frame

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P/O CLOSING DATE:2022/11/20




Painted PVC non-scale scale complete product. Approximately 250mm in height.

"Light 'em up!"

In cooperation with League of Legends, Infinity Studio presents a 3D photo frame of The Lady of Luminosity - Lux!

Luxanna Crownguard, raised in the city of Demacia, had always kept her magical abilities secret to avoid suspicion. However, the optimistic and powerful Lux eventually embraced her abilities, learning to protect her homeland in secret.

Lux has been captured in 3D frame form holding her staff, ready to cast her magic. The Demacia Castle tower in the background alludes to Lux's origins. Her armor and clothing have been carefully painted to capture the look of each material's texture.