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Design COCO Character Vocal Series 01: Hatsune Miku PrimoArt Hatsune Miku JAPAN TOUR 2023 ~THUNDERBOLT~

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P/O CLOSING DATE:2023/05/28



Comes with serial number. Size: Illustration: A3 size/Frame: Approx. H526mm x 411mm Illustration: Japanese art paper/Frame: ABS, acrylic

From the "Hatsune Miku JAPAN TOUR 2023 ~THUNDERBOLT~" live tour comes serial-numbered PrimoArt artwork print of the tour's main visual illustration!

The main visual of Hatsune Miku's all-Japan tour "Hatsune Miku JAPAN TOUR 2023 ~THUNDERBOLT~" by popular illustrator AKIAKANE is now an A3 size PrimoArt artwork print!

Using Dai Nippon Printing's high-definition printing technology, the vivid colors of the original illustration have been faithfully captured with a high level of accuracy.
A serial-numbered plate clear panel and frame are all included.

*Serial number cannot be chosen. We thank you for your understanding.
*Images are for illustrative purposes. Actual product may differ.

What is the high-definition printing technology "Primo Art"?

Primo Art is DNP's high-definition printing technology that enables the creation of prints that capture the original illustration as faithfully as possible. With DNP's many years of experience, they have made it possible to produce artwork prints as close as possible to the original illustration with the use of an independently developed color table and high-performance printers capable of producing color through mixing up to 10 primary colors.

PrimoArt is a registered trademark of DNP (Dai Nippon Printing).