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(Preorder) HOLOLIVE WAFER 3 (1 box = 20pack)

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RM 50.00
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RM 220.00
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P/O CLOSING DATE:2023/08/08


Full price: RM220 (1 box = 20pack)

Three Hololive wafers are now available!
In addition to the 35 domestic talents, this time the lineup has been enhanced with a total of 51 talents, including the 1st and 2nd generation of Hololive Indonesia and the overseas talents of Hololive English!
On the back side, each member's handwritten wishes that can be seen only with this product are printed!
Look forward to seeing what's written on it after you pick it up♪
It's a sparkling metallic card that matches the world view.
*The handwritten print on the back of Akai Haato-sama was written by friend A. please note that.
- 1 metallic placard (51 types in total)
- 1 vanilla cream flavored wafer